Friday 14 February 2014

Providore Cafe and enjoying the sun in Surfers Paradise

So usually I'll do a whole post about my holiday and exactly where to eat should you be whisked off to enjoy your own getaway.

However, this particular time, I went to Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach on the Gold Coast in Queensland. And everytime I travel to the lovely, sunny theme park land I am always dismayed at the lack of trendy caf├ęs and food-aweing restaurants. They just don't seem to exist in this part of the world. 

I know I should calm down, not everywhere can be as food-savvy as my beloved Melbourne but it would be nice to see some fresh, seasonal produce in between the bars, pizza and fish and chips.

Surfers and Broadbeach, are though, known as the go to places for young adult holidays of drinking and passing out on the beach. I should not be surprised that the streets are filled with la porchettas (which I like by the way), fish and chip shops and an endless supply of Irish pubs??? But really? Not even one trendy place???

In the four years I have stayed away from the Gold Coast for this very reason, something has changed. Someone else has felt my pain. Some amazingly, bright and very culinarily skilled person has seen a large market gap and decided to be the answer to my Gold Coast food problems. 

The answer is Providore Cafe at the Marina Mirage on Seaworld Drive in Main Beach (the road to Seaworld, next to Palazzo Versace). 

As soon as I walked in I felt at home. With the clean white walls and cute blue tables, what more could a girl want? The almond croissants on the back table, that's what!

On our first visit I ordered a fruit salad, which was a work of art! Accompanied with a macaron filled with yogurt! I was in heaven.

S ordered herself poached eggs with hollandaise that came with mushrooms and bacon. S hates mushrooms, with a passion... She ate these. The plate was almost clean! An impressive feat for the girl who hates what seems to be every food item that ever existed sometimes. I was astounded. Providore received my kudos just by making S actually finish her meal. The perfect breakfast pre-Seaworld.

On our designated sun and relaxation day we sat on our sun lounges at Jupiter's Casino hotel. As lunchtime rolled around I turned to S. "How bout we go to the fancy place for lunch?". Providore had been dubbed the Gold Coast Fancy place in our eyes. S' eyes lit up.

In the car we jumped and drive down the beach to Providore we did.

And it did not disappoint. I had the most delightful tuna steaks ever created and S enjoyed the fish and chips... The one thing I had been trying to avoid. 

On our last day all it took was one look at each other in the morning... "Providore?" We were back in the car driving toward main beach.

This morning I indulged in some quinoa porridge with cranberries and almonds. Steph splashed out and had the most delicious pancakes with cinnamon butter and banana. We were not disappointed. In any way.

If you head up that way. Do not miss a meal at Providore. Delish!!

Happy Baking.

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