Tuesday 8 January 2013

Olinda Tea House - Worth the drive

I love getting out of the city and visiting The Dandenongs. Usually this is for my family's tradition of Christmas in July where we all pile into an old fashioned restaurant on a cold winter's day and enjoy a beautiful Christmas roast.

Today is not in July, nor was it for a Christmas celebration. It was just me, leaving the city, in search of a nice lunch and a spot of tea.

I found this, and more, at the Olinda Tea House. Upon first arrival it's appearance is similar to that of a day spa. Clean and free of clutter, simple, using natural materials like wooden floors and fencing. I had decided to take Hamish, my 13 y/o Westie, and feared that there was no outside seating area where I could sit with the old pup while I had lunch.

Devonshire Tea

Not to despair. The waitress was lovely and showed me the path round the back to the seating on the deck.

I lounged on the oversized outdoor couch and ordered myself a glass of wine.

I followed that up with mini hamburgers and a vegetable pastry, both of which were phenomenal. The burgers came as a pair and were about big enough for two bites, with a side of shoestring fries and a salad. The pastry was overflowing with roasted vegetables also served with a side salad.

Feeling satisfied but not quite finished I also ordered a serve of scones with the most delicious raspberry jam and cream. I also purchased a jar of the jam so I can recreate the experience at home.

All full up, with a somewhat restless dog, I headed off. Had I not had to be home by a certain time I think I would have sat there drinking and eating for the rest of the day.

The place provides a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere in which people can enjoy their day and really soak in the beauty of The Dandenongs.

I have a feeling I will be back very soon. I apologise for the lack of pictures, I got so caught up in the moment the time flew by.

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  1. Great review!

    I really love this place too.

    So magical when you walk through.