Wednesday 20 March 2013

Chin Chin... a nod of the head to Thai food

So I caved and FINALLY made my way down to the ever so trendy and popular Chin Chin in Flinders Lane, Melbourne...

... and let me be honest, this post will be mostly about their cocktails at Go Go Bar... they were mind blowing!!!!

But like all stories, this one must start at the beginning.

Go Go Bar @ Chin Chin

Now I have attempted to enter the ever alluring restaurant a number of times in the past, but have always been greeted with a 2 hour wait... 2 HOURS!!! on a weekday no less!!! I was always too hungry and impatient to cope with the wait. But on this particular Friday night I was prepared for anything. I had a late lunch that day and turned up at 6pm prepared for the lengthy wait. Without fail, I was given a 1.5 hour wait, they took my mobile number and after asking where I could get a drink I was ushered downstairs to Go Go Bar @ Chin Chin.

And here I could have spent the remainder of my night without food just drinking my way through the tremendous list of cocktails. I trawled my way through the gorgeous array of drinks.

I know, I talk a big game... I only had four cocktails.. I am a little weak I will admit.

First though was the "new fashion"... a strawberry and lemon vodka with orange bitters and palm sugar on ice... yum, but very very sweet. First sip was like sucking on a lemon. Don't let that deter you though, Was delicious.

"New Fashion"

Next I moved on to the "lychee and cardamon bellini"... consisting of fresh lychee juice, cardamon sugar and topped up with king valley prosecco.

Lychee and Cardamon Bellini

By now I was feeling adventurous... an hour of waiting can do that to a girl... so onto the "provence" I went... amaretto, lavender, elderflower liqueur, fresh lemon and egg white. This was by far my absolute favorite!


My phone went off and upstairs to my table I went. I was seated in the back corner (quite a squeeze.. the tables are so close together!!!) and I ordered another drink. This time it was a pomegranate cocktail that included szechuan infused gin, apple juice, lilley rouge, palm sugar, thai basil and fresh pressed lemon. Very nice.

I sipped my cocktail while I perused the menu.

DIY fresh spring rolls were bundles of entertainment. I love any item of food where you get to assemble it yourself. It makes your meal interactive. These spring rolls were delish.

DIY Spring Rolls

Next up were the spicy corn and coriander fritters served with iceberg lettuce and chilli jam. Another hit. I devoured these.

And for the main was the delightful selection of a dry red curry of soft shell crab served with snakebeans, thai basil and kaffir lime leaf.

Spicy corn and coriander fritters

After all that, and some rice, I was stuffed and ready to continue on my way for the night. I think I'd be back at Chin Chin just for the wait so I can sample the rest of the cocktail menu. Who needs food when you can drink like that???

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