Thursday 16 May 2013

Have a drink... Or two or three... At Madame Brussels in Melbourne

With this month being all about comfort I felt as though it was my duty to go out on the town last night and find yet another source of what brings me comfort...

I soon settled on jugs of cocktails at Madame Brussels in Bourke St, Melbourne.

There are not many events that can compete with catching up with your two best friends for a night of laughs and stumbling home at 5:00 in the morning.

Now I am not one to indulge in this comfort often. While I love a glass of wine with dinner or a piƱa colada on holiday I will admit that I rarely go out drinking. I have been put off by the sights I have seen, while working in hospitality, of girls stumbling around showing their undies and making a fool of themselves. Seeing it on a daily basis is enough to put you off.

But last night i went out and had an absolute ball.

But back on topic... A night out fuelled with lovely cocktails is a must do for every girl with her girlfriends on a reasonably regular basis. It's so effective for bonding and talking about the things that you so want to discuss but just don't have the guts to sober.

I found that even my straight guy friends have enjoyed it in a group setting. Last night was myself, my best girlfriend (L) and our long time guy friend and I think he enjoyed himself most of all...

Madame Brussels is the perfect setting for such a night. We drank until the place closed at 1:30, which I must say is a little early for a Friday night, but enjoyable none the less. And danced the rest of the night away in a bar...

So go out, indulge in a few cocktails and find your own comfort.

Madame Brussels on UrbanspoonOh, and happy baking!!!....

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