Sunday 4 August 2013

Miss Jackson revisited

I walked in and was greeted by a friendly hello from behind the coffee machine and the till. "Can I get you a table?"
Yes, but just for one today...
"No worries, in that case, you're sitting here next to the fire and up the front so we can keep an eye on you".

Nothing makes my day more than coming to Miss Jackson. The guys are beyond friendly and enjoy poking a bit of fun. It has long been a love of mine but now that my new apartment is just across the park I am now proud to call myself a local. 

Being a single young female I've come to appreciate the cafes that you can sit, alone, for breakfast or lunch or just a coffee. With its intimate setting, the cafe is divided into smaller intimate spaces, it's comfortable to sit and waste an hour or so watching the surrounding interactions and soaking up the atmosphere. 

And of course, and most importantly, the food is divine! Not only is their regular menu delightful, the corn fritters are the object of many of my dreams, but they have regular specials that continually blow my mind. 

Today this was the Pork belly sandwich in a brioche bun. Which was delicious.
Not only was I devouring my fantastic sandwich and latte but one of the lovely gentleman approaches me, making a mess ill admit, with a glass of wine and says that it'll go very well with my lunch.. And it did....

Thanks guys for continuing to provide me with my favourite place to hang and eat.

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