Saturday 23 November 2013

Noodle Night Market

On Friday night the little sis and I ventured down to the noodle night market at the Alexandra Gardens in Melbourne to indulge in some Asian food by twilight. 

The set up of bars with lounges to sit on and all the food tents set up was pretty good... Until everyone wanted dinner and then the lines were so mammoth they all intertwined with each other. 

The little sis is a big fan of Pad Thai since I dragged her to Thailand early this year so, Rekorderlig's in hand, we were headed straight for the tent with the Pad Thai. 

This was accompanied by some delicious pork buns and prawn and chive dumplings and before we knew it... We were stuffed!

Was very busy as it was a Friday night, the market would have benefitted from being a bit more spread out to allow for lines to vendors etc. but all in all a very satisfying Friday evening dinner!

Night noodle market is on in Alexandra Gardens until 30/11... If you want to head down there... And happy baking!!!!

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