Thursday 25 October 2012

An all time favorite - Portello Rosso

I have many nights when I have dinner out. In all honesty it probably averages at about once a week.

If there isn't something new that i've read about, and am dying to try, it is guaranteed that the first words that pop into my head will be "Portello Rosso".

Down Warburton Lane... a hidden gem.

I arrived for my first visit on a Thursday night in 2010, when it was still quite new. The sangria, white as well as the usual red, is still (even after a recent trip to Spain) the best I have ever tried.
For the first time I tried Spanish anchovies and it was love at first taste. We followed it up with prawns, meatballs, tortillas; all little tapas dishes of about 3 pieces but we were stuffed.

Duck with mushrooms and other divine additions

We sat at the big communal table in the centre and chatted with the other people dining. The chef, Aaron, came to the table with small extra dishes and a granita just to try. I am still waiting for that rose water granita to make its way onto their menu because I still have dreams about how good it tasted.

When organising a dinner with my friends, I wanted to impress them with my fantastic knowledge of the "hip and happening" places to go, so I booked Portello Rosso...and took up most of the communal table. They raved about how good the food and the atmosphere.

A close friend of mine turned 40... I immediately booked his party on their top floor.

My mother was leaving for a holiday in, of all places, Spain... She spent her last night in Aus at Portello Rosso.

I met my best friend's boyfriend... We took them to Portello Rosso...

Since I've been back in the swing of my daily life after my trip... All I could think about was my all time favorite... 

Olives and Vegetable Tortillas

Last Thursday I finally made it down there.
Now, I have already tried everything on their tapas menu and have never been disappointed, so to change it up I decided on the chef's degustation.

The food just kept coming. I was going to burst!

Pancetta with garlic and bread... Delicious!!!

I ate olives, vegetable tortillas, chorizo, pancetta, duck, pork belly, asparagus, scallops... You name it.
A fresh twist on Asparagus... Surprising and tasty!

Everything that appeared in front of me was delicious. I felt like I was back in San Sebastian.
If you have been to Movida and enjoyed it then Portello Rosso will knock your socks off.
It has a personable, cosy feel that only a small establishment with passionate staff can achieve. There is never a sad face and the room is filled with loud voices and laughter, maybe the sangria loosens us all up a bit :)

Pork Belly

I recommend the pork belly as the must-have dish and I am demanding that you finish the experience off with their churros. I have never tasted a chocolate dipping sauce quite like the white chocolate and rose! 

CHURROS!! My favorite.

Say hi to the head chef Aaron, he is so enthusiastic about what he cooks and will explain everything on your plate.

 You will soon see why this place is my undefeated number one!

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