Wednesday 26 September 2012

There's nothing quite like a quiche...

I sat on the couch surrounded by my fast growing collection of recipe books. Once a month I stay home, turn off the tv and cook myself a proper meal. Usually a dinner and dessert, depending on how I'm feeling... (or how tight my waistband is feeling).

This week was a tight waistband week so I was thinking a light meal with a side salad. The choices were endless, and I didn't really have a preference so I decided it should be something I hadn't made before.

  I picked up another book....
"I've never made a quiche".

So a quiche I made.

I decided on a ricotta and asparagus filling. I do not yet own a quiche dish so I opted for the large tart tray.

Blind baking was new. I cut a sheet of short crust pastry to the size of the tray then after buttering the base I pressed the pastry into the sides.

The inside was then lined with baking paper and, because I don't own pie weights, the inside was filled with some old lentils. Best thing is that if you have enough room in your pantry and enough Tupperware you can keep the baked lentils to use again next time. Don't cook them to eat though. Will not end well.

I prepared the quiche filling, poured it in to my semi baked pastry and after garnishing with some asparagus it went into the oven.

Escaped lentils in the bottom of the tray.

Out came a delicious quiche. Now in hindsight I would have benefitted from blind baking the pastry a little longer so the middle was cooked as well as the outer, or even using less lentils, but I was so paranoid of the edges burning.
It still tastes delicious.

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