Sunday 2 September 2012

Luna 1806 Night Market - Queen Victoria Markets

 I am a huge fan of the Wednesday night markets at Queen Vic in the summer.

What better way to spend a hot night than drinking sangria, eating fantastic cultural food and watching the performers. Not to mention the quirky craft items you can pick up in-between.

This year I attended the winter version and although it is significantly smaller that it's summer counterpart it still packs a punch.
I ate a meatball slider from the meatball company.

I picked up some BBQ chicken and I learnt how to make my own soy candles.
The jewellery there is a lot of fun, especially for me, being a fan of button earrings.

But if your out on a Wednesday night for dinner, I'd recommend a visit to the night market to pick up some fantastic food and see some entertaining shows.

For more information you can jump on their website;

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