Saturday 24 November 2012

Brownies - A fail-safe

As I have mentioned countless times before, it is a common occurrence for S and I to be sitting at home and one of us decides we want dessert. Now, this can never be at a convenient time when Coles is open or the little cafe down the street that is always open is still trading... It is always just as they are closing their doors and we know there is no chance we could make it in time.

But all is not lost. I have found the best recipe that anybody can make...

Delectable Brownies

If you ever bake a basic cake, or have ever had the inspiration to but lost interest, I can guarantee that the ingredients are sitting in your pantry right now. Go check when you read the list. I'll bet that not one of you are missing anything... Unless you used the last eggs to make breakfast this morning and haven't been to the shop yet...

The best thing about these brownies is that anybody feels like a master cook when they are finished. They always come out 100% perfect, every time. And once you get really good at it (I have made so many that I can now fit the entire preparation, from measuring ingredients to placing the tray in the oven, in around 10 mins) you can start experimenting with additives like walnuts, raspberries, pop rocks... Pretty much anything you want.

mmmmm. choc, butter and sugar! Who needs more?

This recipe, I am shattered to say, I cannot claim as my own. Donna Hay published it in her fast, fresh, simple book.
However, I shortened the cooking time to about 25-30 mins to have my brownies slightly chewy.

Before it goes into the oven

Now because this recipe is so fool proof there is no need to stress about precise measurements. Last time, I accidentally mis-read the butter quantity, added about 25g too much butter and ended up with the best brownies I've ever made. There is no going wrong (maybe burning??).

After it came out of the oven

Standby Brownies
Taken from "Fast, Fresh, Simple" Donna Hay.

150g butter
275g caster sugar
75g cocoa powder
1 tsp vanilla extract
3 eggs
75g plain flour

1. Preheat oven to 160 degrees Celsius
2. Place butter, sugar & cocoa in a saucepan on low heat and stir until butter has melted.
3. Place into a bowl and add vanilla and eggs, whisk well.
4. Sift in flour (I don't bother with sifting and it still comes out smooth) and whisk to combine.
5. Spoon into baking dish lined with baking paper
6. Cook for approx 30 mins until centre is just set
7. Cool and cut into squares

I mixed a salted caramel spread I found in Versailles, Paris (Burch & Purchese in South Yarra also make one similar if you would like your own) so I put a heaped tablespoon of that in a saucepan with some creme fraiche until it became saucy... so yum!

Salted caramel and creme fraiche cooking away

Try not to eat them all in one sitting... If you can't resist don't worry, I won't tell anyone.

Happy baking!!!!

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