Wednesday 28 November 2012

Sparkle Cupcakery - Who can resist a cupcake??

While walking through Surry Hills in Sydney I saw a familiar looking logo out of the corner of my eye.

Low and behold, there was Sparkle Cupcakery. I've seen their recipe book many times while I have been trawling the cookbook sections in shops. Anything with any association with sparkle is bound to catch my attention... And after this visit I just may buy the book next time I come across it (you can never have too many cupcake recipes!!).

When i spotted the cute little shop I was still sickeningly full from breakfast and thought "I just want to have a look... I couldn't possibly eat one." As I walked through the doors my excitement grew. All preconceived thoughts of my being full disappeared with my first glance at the display cabinet. They looked so tasty.

 I ordered two; the milk chocolate which appeared to have crushed flake-like bits over the top and a Red Velvet.

Red Velvet and Milk Chocolate Cupcakes

One step out of the store with my adorable cupcake bag in my hand, I stopped to take a photo. I had every intention of walking off my breakfast for a bit before devouring my cake but once the bag was opened there was no going back. Within two minutes there was no evidence there had ever been a cupcake in my possession, aside from the crumbs down my dress.

Fantastic after brekkie snack!!

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