Wednesday 28 November 2012

Twenty & Six Espresso - our new leading lady

On my way home, driving through North Melbourne after visiting family the other day, I noticed a cafe I have not seen before. I am a massive fan of trying out new places around the city, god knows I eat out enough. So I stopped.

And I never looked back.

20 & 6 Espresso. Write it down, look it up, remember the name. Never have I thought about food as much as I did following this meal.

Their coffee is from Proud Mary, so they had me wrapped around their little finger after the first sip of my latte.

I was feeling adventurous with lunch so I ordered the Balinese Sticky Rice. Never heard of it, had no idea what to expect, and I was enjoying that experience. It was Black sticky rice with banana, fresh mango, finished with salted coconut cream, palm sugar and passionfruit pulp. When it came out I had my doubts, but it did look pretty.

Upon first taste I was officially in love. It was sweet, but porridge-y all at once. I don't think my descriptions could do it justice. It was fantastic and you must try it.

Balinese Sticky Rice

I left. More than satisfied, eagerly anticipating my next visit... 

I woke the next day, thinking what shall I do for breakfast.
I smiled.
I had been thinking about that sticky rice all night. And even writing this now, two days later I'm thinking of returning again, my mouth is watering...

I walked in. The guy that had served us the day before looked at us, somewhat surprised.
I sat timidly and he brought me over my latte. We had a chat about how I couldn't resist returning. I was hooked. He told me that 20&6 has been voted second best brekkie in Melbourne, after Duchess of Spotswood. Another establishment of which I am a fan.

The Russian
I pondered the menu once again. No matter how eager I was to try the pecan and rum soaked raisin bread I just could not get past that damn rice. I caved and ordered the exact same dish as I had inhaled the previous day. It was just as delightful as the day before. 

My next visit I and ordered "The Russian". Vodka and lemon salmon tartare, a poached egg, lemon labneh and avocado on seeded sourdough. Looked delicious! 

Since, I have also tried "The Hunter". Balsamic and port roasted portobello mushrooms, spanish chorizo, creme fraiche and black truffle oil on sourdough bread. It was just as yummy. You just ate and ate until the plate was clean. Never mind that you were full, there was simply no stopping until the entire meal had been devoured. 

The Hunter

You know you have found a gem when after four visits you are still sitting here hoping the opportunity will arise soon to return.

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